Overview – God’s Vision. Acts 16:6-15.

The mission God had given Paul and his crew to go to Asia minor to encourage the churches he and Barnabas had planted being over, Paul finds out that God has a new vision and mission for him and his Christian crew. Do they quite get His vision at first? Not quite as they try to go to some cities in Asia and preach the Gospel, only to find that God shuts the door with a big NO.

What do they do when God says NO in Asia?

Do they accept His NO and just stop ministering all together and go home?

What vision does God give them, and do they choose to accept it, or do the run away from it because it might be dangerous?

I answer all of these questions in this message, so come and be encouraged and challenged today in “God’s Vision”.

May the Lord bless you as you diligently seek Him
Pastor Ed

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